After eight years of using the Aprilia SXV 550 engine, the FAUmax Kappa features a single cylinder powertrain with the KTM SFX 450 engine. In addition, the new chassis features, a monocoque and a rear chassis that are both made of CFRP, a new suspension design focusing on simple geometry, low weight and low friction and an aerodynamics package that promises more downforce and less drag than its predecessor

– excerpt of the design report introduction

Overall Concept

  • A target weight of 160 Kg
  • An aerodynamic package consisting of front, rear, side mounted wings and an undertray
  • A Suspension design with corner springs and a minimum of frictional losses. Therefore, no reversing levers.
  • 10” tires
  • Longitudinally mounted KTM Sx-F 450 engine with appr. 45Kw and an overall weight below 25 Kg
  • A CFRP – monocoque as safety cell and a detachable rear frame made from a single CFRP part, that contains all the engines secondary systems to make a compromise between serviceability, high integration and superior airflow.

At a glance


35 kW


41 Nm


164 kg


  • FSG17 Skidpad


Playlist: Rollout Kappa 2017
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