You want to be part of the Team?

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You want to be part of the Team?

Then you are exactly right here!

The first thing you have to ask your self is how do you want to help us with. In the beginning this question is difficult to answer and there are a lot of questions like the following:

Do I know enough to participate even as a student in the first semester?


Definitely! No one knows everything. Some basic knowledge is always good, but not necessary for an application to High-Octane Motorsports. More important is the intention to participate and invest time. The knowledge mostly comes during the first season as a team member. So what are you waiting for?

Which assembly would be best for me (as mechanical engineer for example) to develop?


Don't worry about that. The choice you make in the application form is not final. The first thing is always to get to know the team and the project. Afterwards you can decide what interests you most but it is always good to think about what your goal in the team is.

As a small overview, here are some requirements you should fullfil:

  • high self motivation
  • ambition and passion
  • willingness to learn
  • independent working
  • teamwork

The saison always starts with the winter semester and at the beginning of the semester you can see us at some exhibitions at the "Roter Platz". So if you have any questions left, click here or just come to one of our exhibitions!

No worries: It is also possible to send your application during the semester. There are always tasks to do and time to meet with one of our team leaders.

Außerdem findest du hier ein Interview unserer Alumni, die alle einmal Teil unseres Teams waren und jetzt im Arbeitsleben stehen und von ihren Projekten bei uns berichten.