Due to the high fluctuation of team members, which is caused by the limited study period at the university, the pool of experience is no longer backed up with fundamental knowledge despite all documentation. To eliminate this problem, our biggest goal for this season was to rethink the whole concept of our car and therefore ensure more knowledge in our team.
After analysing the weaknesses of our last year’s car, the following points resulted as our main design goals:
– A suspension, which is capable of testing different spring arrangements, ratios or other adjustments for physical validation of new concepts with small reconstruction measures
– A symmetrical design of our race car with integrated side mounted wings in order to increase the downforce on both axes (radiators on both sides, silencer in the back)
– Increasing the stiffness on the rear axle through a reworked suspension geometry
– Learning to compromise in favour of the overall race car, without focusing too much on single components

– excerpt of the design report introduction

Overall Concept

  • A weight of 165 kg
  • A aerodynamical package consisting of front, rear and side mounted wings and an undertray
  • 10” tires
  • Longitudinally mounted Aprilia SXV 550 V2 engine with 45 kW and a weight of 31 kg
  • A monocoque as safety cell and a tubular steel rear frame
  • Designing the suspension with the possibility to add a third heave element on both axles

At a glance


47 kW


56 Nm


172 kg


  • FSG16 Autocross


High-Octane Motorsports - Rollout Saison 2015/16

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